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Culto-de-BI was born on January the 6th 2014 as a consequence of a market requirement to present simple solutions that are not focus on technology-oriented but business-oriented. This position has allowed the company to earn the trust of more than 50 national and international companies.

We are a team of 10 elements and stand out for our passion, quality of the simple and high-return solutions that we develop.

We have our offices in Portugal (Porto & Lisbon) and with active clients not only in Portugal, but also in Ireland, France and Angola. We have plans for 2018 to start with new markets.


The mission of Culto de BI it’s to create simple solutions that help companies to make more assertive decisions, resulting in optimization of resources, increasing their value and competitiveness.


Honesty | Transparency | Professionalism | Integrity | Dedication | Friendship and Respect for all clients and co-workers

Our team has over 10 years of experience implementing decision support systems and has a huge desire to consolidate our space in the national and international market.

We have tremendous passion for what we do and for that reason we feel truly privileged. We are a team with innovative and strong spirit with a huge positive energy.

We regularly take part in events of national and international communities and we have a strong link to several universities where the theme of BI is explored for some years.

Culto de BI has a very own and distinct strategy.
Our business model has proven that it’s meeting the market demand and it has all the conditions to continue to grow up and satisfy our customers needs.

What do we difference?

- The proximity that we have with our customers through the posture and differentiating initiatives.
- We adapt the technology to the business, not the opposite.
- Experience and ability to solve problems.

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Culto de BI

Business Intelligence

The concept of BI is related to the ability to provide quality information quickly to all decision-making layers (strategic, tactical and operational), making it more competitive.
The concept of BI was officially registered in 1989 by Howard Dresner, but the practices associated with him have always been present, with more or less efficiency and associated technology.
The technology should ensure connectivity and support to the components of a BI system (strategy, processes and people) which will help decision makers ensure the rational management of their resources, measure the results of the adopted strategy, monitor their business processes as well as do what-if simulations / analysis to know how to react according to various future scenarios.
Decision makers' intuition based on their life experience plays a very important role. However, these decisions need to be supported by facts that allow for more accurate planning and prediction.

Culto de BI


We distinguish ourselfs from others by the experience and the passion in the implementation of decision support solutions (Business Intelligence - BI)
controlling all the steps from the definition of the problem to the delivery of the final product.

Business Intelligence (BI)

In an easy way, what we do in our Business Intelligence solutions is to create solutions that allow us to extract knowledge from business information.
We mostly work on these solutions with CEO’s, directors and intermediate managers, adapting the technology to the business and not the other way.
Generally, we collect information in multiple systems and provide it in knowledge means. This way, they make decisions based on facts and less on intuitions.

Custom Training

Sharing knowledge is one of our priorities.
This can be seen since our team takes part in various universities and events.
Our customers recognize our way to approach the market, and see us as part of their team and we do not hesitate to guide them in maintaining and evolving systems for continuous improvement like those we implement.

Culto de BI


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